Camera Taxi Insurance

A New and Unique Concept to Protect Our Clients and Reduce the Cost of Taxi Insurance, by fitting a Video Recorder to our Clients Vehicle.

Why a Camera?

As a Major Taxi Insurance Provider, one of the main problems we encounter are exaggerated or inaccurate claims allegations against our clients.

You will be aware that the increase in frequency and cost for this type of claim together with "crash for cash" claims is adding hundreds of pounds to your Taxi Insurance Premium.

We are proud to announce that in order to protect our clients and their No Claims Bonus we have teamed up with Markerstudy and Smart Witness to fit a camera in all our Taxi Policyholders Vehicles.

A new and unique concept in Taxi Insurance, it is designed to reward the careful driver with both excellent levels of cover at Competitive Rates.

Camera Taxi Insurance Explained

The specialist Camera Taxi Insurance Scheme supplies you with a small Smart Witness Video Recorder that utilises continuous high quality recording of speed, braking, and collision G-forces.

The 170 degree lens digitally records the drivers view onto SD Media Cards, providing you with court admissible evidence, and protection against fraudulent claims, and falsely accused driving offences.

What are the Benefits to Me?

A new concept in Taxi Insurance, one of the aims is to protect your No Claims Bonus by providing evidence of who was at fault in an accident and also to provide proof against incorrect driving convictions, that may be falsely accused.

Do I receive a Premium Discount?

Discounted premium is provided to recognise your commitment by allowing a camera to be fitted to your vehicle.

Creating a portfolio comprising better and safer Taxi Drivers who make less frequent and less expensive claims will lead to subsequent savings for Taxi Insurance.

Free Camera Supplied

All Camera Taxi Insurance policyholders are supplied with the camera FREE OF CHARGE, although there is a small charge for fitting.

The Smart Witness 32G-SYC100GPS,looks great in any Vehicle

See It In Action

You will have fitted the world's Smallest Vehicle Journey Recorder the 32GB SVC100GPS

It looks great in any vehicle, and can be hidden behind the rear view mirror in most vehicles.

View The Videos

View the Videos to see two accidents where the Smart Witness Vehicle Journey Recorder was installed in the vehicles.

In both cases, the other vehicle involved was at fault, but blamed the driver with the camera installed – had the camera not been fitted, then the driver would have been held responsible and lost his No Claims Discount.

"The Camera saved the Insurers tens of thousands of pounds"

Camera Taxi Insurance should not be confused with Telematics Taxi Insurance which continually monitors your driving habits.

Whereas with camera Taxi Insurance the SD card installed in the journey vehicle recorder is only removed in the event of accident and then a replacement one will be fitted.